Thursday, March 1, 2012

Danette Scheib of Lemon Twist: something special

Danette Scheib at Lemon Twist

Since 1999 the husband and wife team of Eric and Danette Scheib have been the dynamic duo behind Lemon Twist -- a woman's clothing salon based in San Francisco. Not only are the clothes locally designed, but they are also sewn in San Francisco.

After six years in Hayes Valley, they set up a temporary salon in Dogpatch on 22nd street in the previous home of Piccino Cafe.

Dogpatch based Recchiuti Chocolates is planning a Chocolate Lab in that location but until he is ready to launch, owner Michael Recchiuti offered the space to friends Eric and Danette as their temporary location.

indogpatch asked Danette about their business and about working in Dogpatch:
Eric and Danette Scheib
Why do you do what you do?
When I started working in the design world I was always on the periphery but never the person in charge. And that was my choice -- I didn't want to be the boss! But even though I loved being in fashion and I loved my job as an assistant designer, I always felt frustrated. But once I took the plunge and was able to design what I wanted and to have all the creative freedom I needed I finally felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. It finally felt like the right fit.

Why Dogpatch?
Well, I always knew about Dogpatch and the yellow building (home of Piccino Cafe and other retailers) and knew that things were really cooking in this area. And we also were lucky to know Michael Recchiuti. When we had to give up our Hayes Valley spot Michael offered us the blue building vacated by Piccino. We happily accepted and we will be here until April 1.

Now that we are here we would love to stay in this neighborhood. We really feel that we are a good match with this neighborhood -- the residents get us!

Who is another fascinating person in Dogpatch that you have met?
I'm so inspired by Wayne Garcia and Sher Rogat (Wayne and Sher are the married couple who own the wine shop Dig and Piccino Cafe. Wayne operates Dig while Sher runs Piccino). I'm inspired by how they are able to make their businesses and their marriage thrive.

And of course Dogpatch has so many colorful residents -- I mean who doesn't love Gary the piano bike guy and Perry, who we call the unofficial mayor of Dogpatch and as such seems to know everyone in the neighborhood and is so generous about introducing us to everyone he knows!

What is an interesting story that has happened to you in Dogpatch?
I think the real story for us is how the residents and other merchants have made us feel part of the neighborhood. People are always stopping by with tips for us on a new place to rent so that we don't have to leave the neighborhood.

If you weren't doing this what would you be doing?
I love what I do but I wouldn't mind a trip to Tokyo! The colors and design there would inspire me!

And lastly, what is the story behind the name Lemon Twist?
That little extra something added at the end to make it special.

And speaking of something extra special, Lemon Twist will be putting their own twist on a customer appreciation event held March 11 by offering a Drill Team performance. Check out their site for more information.
Danette shows the store near one of Eric's art pieces.
Article written by Patricia Kline, Photos by Scott R. Kline

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